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How People Communicate

How People Communicate

And Our Impact On Others

Face to Face

A simple smile causes a chain reaction, try it tomorrow walk past someone and smile....what did they do?  Majority will smile back.
People can have various thoughts and feelings
"ah that was nice"
"do i know you"
"leave a warm feeling inside your tummy"

Smiling is contagious, its free, 

Over the improves our voice through the tones.

I use to train in customer service in telesales and it really works!
Try it next time...........become self aware and conscious of what you do.  If you are in business promote this amongst your team and watch the positive impact it will have.
There are millions of people still yet to bring this alive, make a difference and make the change  amongst your teams!!!


What actually is selling?????

Selling is making money and improving sales and hopefully having a positive impact on all of our customers.

Pushy selling is a short term fix for a business where as great people who sell the solution first and the product second make the right first impression as they are interested in the person first and still are successful business people.

It is worth observing those in your teams to see if they have a positive impact or a negative impact with your customers.   How often do you seek feedback on ways to improve your business.
Simple yes......however not every business uses this solution.

First impressions count......its no different where we are or what we are doing.

Always consider how you have an impact the first time

you make a connection.

If it is over the phone
Face to face
Over the internet
Behind a screen

The powerful impact you have on the individual or a group the first time you meet, the way we speak, the way we look, the initial reaction we give.


Some of us are attracted for those that look very similar to us - ...look at some of the couples and look how similar some are to each other in facial characteristics.

Others are like chalk and cheese and couldn't be more different, yet get on like a house on fire.

We are all unique in our own way and we all have something special about us.  Some hide it that well it just hasn't been noticed yet.  Some are lucky in love and some are still on a journey to find someone special.

Business relationships
Some people can sell snow to the eskimos, woo people with every interaction, some have natural charisma.
Others have a warmth hotter than a volcano and some people just instinctly want to listen to every word they say.  People employ people from the first impressions they make and how they relate and interact when they are interviewed alongside with the skill set.

There are others who have hidden beauty - this can both be said in business and personal life.
Sometimes employing others to oversee what is right in front of your eyes can revamp your business and improve it at very little cost.

Observe your own behaviours next time you may see someone alone in a cafe, at a bar, in a restaurant what thoughts are going through your mind.

Have you ever considered a smile an acknowledgement.
Have you ever heard one of your friends, acquaintances say when someone smiles at you........
"I bet they fancy you" 
Remember a smile can be so innocent and just a way of being friendly without any hidden agenda.

So why as human beings do we all behave and react to different situations in varying ways?
How many times do you go out walking and meet someone else on a beautiful walk and acknowledge someone else???  They are things some of us do without any hesitation, it is our natural instinct.

If an opportunity arises maybe out of the norm do something different, give a great smile, just say "Hi", and if we all made one extra person smile a day what a difference it would make to the world.

I remember going to San Francisco through Golden Gate Park and was blown away by the homeless people saying "Hi" to me and I have to say it made me look at life in a completely different way and I came back from America several years ago now with a whole different perspective on never judging a book by its cover.

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